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Trusted Ceylon Tea Exporter

Our Services

Zakso Holdings is one of the fastest growing Ceylon Tea Exporters based in Sri Lanka. We are a third generation tea company which focuses on providing a one stop solution to sourcing the finest quality Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka. We specialise in Private labelling.

Tea in Bulk

Packed in Bulk Rigid Sacks, Paper Sacks or Master Cartons


Tea Bags

Pyramid, Single Chamber or Double Chamber Tea Bags, with or without envelope

Tea in Packs

Pack your tea brand in the packaging of your choice


Our Teas


Black Tea

Ceylon Black Tea is considered the worlds best and cleanest black teas. Zakso offers a wide variety of Pure Ceylon Black tea to suit any market. Some of our grades are Pekoe, OPA, OP, OP1, BOP1, FBOP, FF1 and BOPF. Contact us for samples.

Green Tea

Considered to be a superfood, Ceylon Green tea is highly sought after. A variety of green teas can be offered such as GP1, Young Hyson, and GT FGS. Contact us for samples.

White Tea

One of the rarest teas in the world, Ceylon White Tea is the most expensive tea in Sri Lanka. Contact us for samples.


Fruit Infusions

Create your own fruit infused tea with a wide variety to choose from. Contact us for samples.

Herbal Infusions

Create your own herbal infused tea with a wide variety to choose from. Contact us for samples.

Vitamin/Wellness Teas

Create your own vitamin/wellness teas brand with us. Connect with us for ideas and suggestions.

Our Global Reach

Zakso exports the finest quality Ceylon Tea to many parts of the world including Iraq, Turkey, Germany, Saudi Arabia, China, Tajikistan, Iran and Japan.

We are equipped to cater to a diverse clientele, assuring a high quality product.


About us

Zakso Holdings is a family owned Tea Exporting Company founded by a true passion for all things tea. Our company continues the legacy that developed by our founder over 80 years ago. Three generations later, now the Zakso Tea Company, is tasting, selecting and blending the finest quality tea for our partners around the globe.

Our purpose is to build a sustainable international trading company, positively contributing to our economy and the lives of all our stakeholders including our clients and employees. 

Our Team is headed by our CEO Mr. M. Z. M. Akram, and Directors Mr. S. L. Perera, M. A. Irshard and Mr. M. Z. M. Aslam. Zakso Holdings has a combined experience of over 125 years in the Ceylon Tea Industy.


Quality Certifications



Address: Zakso Holdings Pvt. Ltd., 99B, Makola South, Makola, Sri Lanka.

Office: +94 114 321 721, Mobile: +94 773 593 358 (contactable by WhatsApp)

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